My 29th week in photos



195 – Am I the only one that can’t stand weaving in the ends? Worst thing ever!

196 – Bear is a funny little soul, he’s far too hot at night time so ends up in some funny positions – sometimes minus some clothing…

197 – I know Bear is fascinated when I’m applying make up but his curiosity definitely got the better of him when I found him trying it himself!

198 – Poor baby tripped and fell landing on rocks. He was pretty upset when he looked in the mirror!

199 – Nom nom, chocolate overload cake – I made two of these, one for each of the boys to take into their class on the last day of school!

200 – Sunny stroll along the prom

201 – My gorgeous little nephew – possibly the cutest way to be woken at 6am!

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My 28th week in photos



188 – The flowers on our potato plants, I must say I’m surprised they’ve survived – I am not green fingered in any way aha!

189 – Wahoo! Water fights and camping in the garden, such fun!

190 – Progress on Gryffin’s blanket – I’m loving it so far, totally random =)

191 – Has anyone apart from me seen this happen? The woodlouse flipped onto it’s back, wiggled it’s legs around and all the teeny tiny little ones crawled off it’s belly. Fascinating but gross. Bear was absolutely captivated.

192 – Banana bread made especially for Bear by daddy – rather tasty!

193 – I think I cheated a little with the water fight – Gryffin clearly didn’t appreciate the pan full of water mwahahaha. Evil mummy!

194 – Lovely simple granny square blanket for Bear, he loves green!

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My 27th week in photos

week 27

week 27 pt 2

181 – My first join as you go project!

182 – Sleepy tired puppy

183 – Cheeky little Bear

184 – Gryffin playing peepo in the rocks

185 – Gryffin left this for Bear, Bear’s poor bunny – he never stood a chance!

186 – Beautiful walk in the gorgeous sunshine. You’ve got to love Betws!

187 – Donkey ride at the Summer Gala! Gryffin looks pretty excited don’t you think? He now wants a pet donkey…

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