Ooops, forgot to post this – Christmas time

Mistletoe and wiiiiiiiiiine. Arghh bugger off. I seriously dislike Christmas songs but the buggers seem to get engraved into my brain. I apologise for being so, er, quiet and lacking in posts but there is a perfectly logical reason for this. I am stressed out to the max!

I do this pretty much every year, I give myself far too much to do. I expect too much of myself and then absolutely loath myself when I crash and burn! I am weak, I am useless…

Ok I’m going off track, that’s not what I wanted to write about, ignore my stress. Just for now it can take a back seat! I wanted to tell you that I’m feeling slightly more than happy today. I went to my boys school to watch them in the first concert my boys have ever been in! They sang and danced, they’d been practising ever so hard and even though Bear had been up most of the night with a temperature he still wanted to go into school to perform in his concert!

It was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and apart from being a little too close to an over¬†enthusiastic singer in the choir it was really enjoyable!

Pickle the little star

Gryffin the little star


Little Bear next to his friend the Angel

Little Bear next to his friend the Angel

Sorry for the backwards posting, I thought I’d published this on the 19/12 but looks like my laptop died before it went through and then I did my usual and forgot! Yay me…