My 33rd week in photos

I really have been neglecting my blog of late. Yes there is an entire week of 365 missing (the photos I have, just getting them here is the issue). Too much to do and so many things going wrong just don’t leave me with the desire to keep up with things. I have had THE biggest whoha with my ridiculous camera, when that issue was solved – sort of, does borrowing someone else’s count as solved? Probably not. Anyhow… I sorted that problem and then in a rather ridiculous way went and tipped an entire pint of water down the back of my laptop. Seriously. Someone would think I do these things on purpose. Ughh. Here I am though! Updating the photos I can actually get hold of – the others are stuck on the frazzled and rather dead laptop but I’m promised that I will get them back. Somehow. I don’t really do computers so the man may as well be speaking another language…



223 – The view from the top of the hill – a bit of a trek but oh so worth it don’t you think?

224 – Cheeky little Bear making water ‘drawings’ on the wall behind him, good job it dries haha!

225 – Bear decorating himself! I drew around the boys bodies and left them with free reign. Of course Bear was going to be green…

226 – Pretending to be Kings, this is a great almost local walk. There are ruins up there too, have to remember to photograph them next time!

227 – My first fully completed crocheted item of wearable clothing! Super exciting! Hope my niece likes it!

228 – A little bike ride for Gryffin. He’s not wearing a helmet – terrible parenting – but he’s perfectly safe, he’s on an unused car park – no traffic of any sort. He loves his bike.

229 – I think this is my favourite spot ever. Love the sound of the water, so peaceful!

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