My 23rd week in photos



153 – This is another not officially taken by myself photo – Bear has developed a serious love for my camera. It means that every time I find him with it I have around 80 randomly blurred or floor shots on it but occasionally I find something adorable like this!

154 – Yay for sunshine, all the flowers are coming out to play!

155 – Bear is a cutey, he loves handing out flowers to all the lovely mummy’s at the school, I sometimes get some – only sometimes!

156 – Lovely fluffy pup is enjoying walks in the sunshine.

157 – I found a bigger gurgling stream on another local walk. I love where I live!

158 – Exploring on the weekend. The boys spent most of the day climbing a number of different trees including this rather dead one, great fun!

159 – A fearless mamma and her twins. Adorable! Even Lola loved them. Probably not in the same way I did though… Bad dog.

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