Birthday post!

Pretty self explanatory, today is my birthday! Usually, approaching birthday’s fill me with a sense of dread. I have never had anything good ever happen to me on a birthday, I’ve always felt the same way, tis one of the many flaws of my ever so odd personality but I feel the same way about Christmas. It seems to be all the expected occasions when one should generally be jolly and full of good cheer (or gin/vodka/whateveryourtipple) I naturally dislike/fear.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I seem to have beaten myself, my gloomy outlook (I used to get called Eeyore in school and not because I look like a donkey… or perhaps that was part of it?). Hmmm!

Anyhow today I have actually enjoyed myself, not because I had masses of presents, or because for one day the man managed to clean the shower after use or wash the pots – neither of which he did by the way. Not because my boys behaved like little angels – they didn’t, they were fighting, pushing each other in the mud and generally being far too loud than should be humanly possible.

No! This year I have enjoyed my birthday because last night I went to bed not expecting anything – be it good or bad. I woke up and just let the day unfold. I made no plans. I treated it like any other day. I ended up making myself a birthday cake with my boys and enjoyed it. I took the boys and the dog up to feed the horses and enjoyed that. When we got home we lit the candles on the cake and the boys had a blast blowing them out again and again and again and again. I have really enjoyed myself, I’ve had a great birthday! Hoorah!

Make a wish, or two or three!