Baking boys!

Today we spent the afternoon baking for Nainy’s birthday tomorrow. The boys were ever so excited, I let them do pretty much everything themselves =)


Serious concentration on Gryffin’s face while in the background Bear is pinching some sugar for his sweet tooth!


Bear’s turn!


Working together =)


Apparently the butter ‘plopping’ was comedy gold!


They were so good at helping each other and sharing!


Om nom nom, chocolatey goodness.


Gryffin getting messy!


Bear being ever so serious.


The finished product! Smelling divine and oozing chocolatey goodness. I can’t wait to take them to my mum tomorrow. A job well done boys =)


My obssession

Shortly before Christmas I decided to try my hand at crochet, I’d seen the adverts for the magazine for a while before then and I’d wanted to have a go myself. I decided against buying the magazine – I’m more of a visual learner so reading about it wouldn’t get me anywhere apart from seriously wound up.

I searched my local area for classes, even checking the libraries but couldn’t find anything, so I headed to the next best place – YOUTUBE! I found some brilliant videos for beginners and after I’d mastered how to make a chain stitch the rest was pretty easy.

For Christmas I gifted a few crocheted items to family members. Since then I’ve been crocheting more and more, I’m completely in love with it. I have masses of wool/yarn stashed away and so many projects planned.

Here are some I’ve completed already –

Bear's hat

My very second project ever, this is Bear’s favourite hat. It’s his favourite colour and it keeps his ears toasty warm. It’s obviously missing it’s pompom on the top but it’s all good! I also made one in red for Gryffin but don’t have a photo of that for some reason.

Flower hat

This set was one of the Christmas gifts.

Shell hat

I didn’t like the way this turned out in the end but it’s all learning isn’t it?

Granny squares

These are the first granny squares I ever attempted. I really like the sun shape in the centre.


The small granny square turned into this baby blanket. It clashes wonderfully with my carpet but it wasn’t for me anyhow – I don’t have a pink one yet!

Pink rose

A pretty little rose, these are great for adding onto bags and hats.

My 8th week in photos





49 – All that remains of the big boys birthday cake!

50 – Bear being a cutie before school.

51 – Eye eye.

52 – A poorly Gryffin clearly feeling sorry for himself.

53 – I love the wear Bear clutches his Ooo Ooo when he sleeps.

54 – I accidentally cut off the white rabbit’s head, oops!

55 – The boys were amazed that the bubbles didn’t pop when they landed on the grass, I was amused.


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My 7th week in photos



41 – Sleepy start to the week.

42 – Lovely sunset after a day feeling poorly

43 – The person behind the camera, it’s been forever since I took one of myself! Now I know why haha!

44 – The cake I made for the big boys birthday

45 – Balloons ready for the morning!

46 – The first present of the day =)

47 – The family came round to celebrate, my beautiful cheeky nephew!

It’s easy to see this week has mainly been about my big boy turning 5! Such a lovely week even with a rotten cold. Back to school tomorrow, I’m going to miss my little men!

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My little boy

Today my baby, you’re another year older.

Five years now since I held you that very first time.

I never imagined then how we’d be, how you’d be.

A few months before then I’d never imagined you, I’d never even considered having a child, never imagined myself as a mother, but there you were.

And never have I looked back.

From the moment I knew I was carrying you I loved you.

I loved you more than I’d ever loved anything in my entire life. I didn’t know what true love was until I loved you.

I’ve watched you grow year after year, in body and in mind.

You are a very curious but caring little soul.

You are so gentle, so kind and yet so strong.

You still believe that a cuddle from mummy will right all the wrongs in the world, you still believe in me. You believe in me even when I don’t.

You are my rock.

You are my calm.

You are my everything.

My perfect little man.

Happy 5th birthday, I love you back to the stars!

My 6th week in photos



34 – A giant granny square blanket I am making for a friends newborn

35 – Fluffer wrecking my cushion display – mandatory dog photo haha!

36 – How the toybox looks at the end of every day

37 – My gorgeous Gryffin being a cute little imp

38 – Friday night sleepover, my lovely little niece

39 – The best way to wait for breakfast, apparently…

40 – Bathtub Bear complete with lego in hand.

It seems I’ve mostly been enjoying the portraits this week – who could resist these little cuties though? My aim for next week is to get more organised so I can link up on the Saturday. Always behind me!

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My 5th week in photos


28 – Gryffin’s favourite stuffed toy Maw was forgotten on the mad Monday rush to school, she looked so sad sat all alone.

29 – My latest crochet project or rather a part of it

30 – No idea what scared them but the boys were comforting each other

31 – Bear’s Ooo Ooo left on the floor at bed time, this never happens, the monkey goes everywhere with Bear at all times.

1 – A new month but my favourite view from the garden.

2 – A big week for Lola, she had her spay. This has been her favourite spot while healing – anywhere that is touching me. Poor little soul.

3 – Bear showing his love

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