Early birthday treat

Well yesterday was a whole heap of fun mixed with a dash of crazy!

On Tuesday it is Bear’s 4th birthday, for a special treat he decided that he wanted the whole family to come with us to Chester Zoo.

After a lot of discussion the date was arrange for the Friday before his birthday – yesterday. I booked a  minibus – a 12 seater, we really did take the whole family haha – tickets were booked and paid for and we were all very very excited to be going. That was until we woke up to a rather snowy morning.

After my initial panic thinking that we wouldn’t be able to go out in case we got stranded – well Bear has to have got the dramatic nature from somewhere doesn’t he? – I called everyone to make sure they were still good with the plans and wanted to go ahead. My family must all be insane because go we did.

There were a few hairy moments when the snow got a bit much to drive through but the minibus was a beast and my dad is the best driver going – complete love for my dad here. I would have killed everyone.  Well maybe not since I wouldn’t have even tried driving in it but still…

When we finally got to the zoo I was so glad we stuck to our definitely mental guns, the faces of all the littlies was priceless! The zoo is always a treat but to have snow too? I think that was Bear’s idea of perfection!

You may think it would be completely pointless to go to a zoo when most of the animals would be hiding indoors – only a brave handful of them dared the cold – but to give credit where it’s due, Chester Zoo has some fantastic indoor attractions. The littlies were absolute captivated and we spent the entire day there. The hilly paths were cleared of snow at several points throughout the day and the the other footpaths were gritted so there was no worries of the little ones slipping and getting hurt!

Flamingos braving the weather!

At one point during the day we did think we’d have to head home, the snow was coming down really heavily so we’d all agreed to sit and eat our packed lunches – we are all definitely slightly deranged – then head back home. The staff at the zoo were absolutely fantastic, we were able to sit in the main cafe with huge heaters. All wet gloves and hats were dried out, tummies were filled then we headed back out as the snow had stopped – no reason to leave early!

Whenever we got too cold or fed up with Bear and Taidy constantly pelting us with snowballs we headed to a different indoor section.

After one last snow ball fight we walked to the gift shop then back to the minibus. It was a rather quiet trip home, the state of the roads was a little better and all the littlies were wonderfully worn out.

I sat next to my little Bear,  just before falling asleep he told me he’d had a great day and that the Zoo was the ‘bestest’. I’ve got to say I agree with the little fella, despite the weather we had an absolutely fantastic time.