Morning brain

I go into the kitchen with the intentions of loading the dishwasher and tidying the place up after Bear’s birthday yesterday – the post party mess ha!

I see two wine glasses each containing different amounts of liquid and I can’t help but run my wet fingers over their rims.

I am pleased by the sounds.

I pull down more wine glasses from the shelf, fill them with different amounts of water so each makes a different note.

I spend the next 10-15 minutes playing a song from the Lion King that I learned whilst in school.

I forget why I went into the kitchen in the first place and walk into the living room to play with my boys.

After around 10 minutes I then decide I should make a start on the cleaning after all it won’t magically disappear on it’s own!

I walk into the kitchen to put the dishes in the dishwasher and find to my surprise that it’s already half full.

For one glorious moment I believe that there are such things as house elves – there’s no way The Man would have done this.

Then I remember that I’d done it half an hour before, before I’d gotten seriously distracted.

Is it any wonder that my days are not too productive?

I think I need help…