Cowboys and Pumpkins

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind – ok that’s enough of that brain. Stop with the songs! Right now I’m feeling that there is not enough time in a day for one to achieve what one wanted to do upon waking… I haven’t even managed to finish off my thoughts before I’m beginning another – curse my grasshopper mind. I’ve not been able to do much of anything actually – thank you half term holidays!

The house is still in an after party state, the boys are running around like they’ve downed red bulls, the dog has managed to get a sweet tangled in her fur during the course of the weekend, the man has left for work and I just want to hide under the duvet – why is it so cold?!

Why do I do this to myself? Why did it ever seem like a good idea to throw the little’s a Halloween party?

Ahh but it was fun though, the concentration on the kiddies faces as they carved the pumpkins, the tidal waves that followed the bobbing for apples! The hunt for Halloween goodies in adorable costumes – the kids not the sweets now.

Little Noo and his pumpkin brains 

Tis just the cleaning up I don’t like, kids are fabulous at squirrelling away little bits, so far I’ve found popcorn under my sofa cushions, pennies in my boots and the sweet in the dogs fur.

Ugh, better move my backside and try to return the house to a state of normality.

Might have a cuppa first though…

Happy Halloween everybody!


A what now?

I have been tagged in a Getting To Know You meme by the lovely Siobhan. I’m not sure I totally understand what it’s all about but I get the general jist! So, this is what I have to do:

– choose 5 other deserving blogs with less than 200 subscribers to nominate and link their blogs in your post.

– post 5 random facts about yourself

– tell your nominees you have chosen them for this award by leaving a comment on their blogs

– answer the 5 questions the tagger has asked you and ask your own 5 questions to the people you nominate

– no tag backs

Five random facts about myself

1) I have a mild obsession with plastic cutlery.

2) When purchasing new items for my house I check their suitability as weapons to use against zombies… What, it might happen!!

3) Awful but true – I constantly judge people by their eyebrows.

4) When walking upstairs I go up two steps leading with my right leg and one leading with my left until I reach the top.

5) I can only sleep on my stomach.

What’s the funniest thing any of your children have said lately?

Well it was more of a song than something he said, my youngest was sat singing ‘One potatogrape, two potatogrape, three potatogrape, four, five potatogrape, six potatogrape, seven potatogrape more’ to his bowlful of grapes on the weekend… He’s so adorably odd ❤

What’s the best thing about motherhood for you?

Bedtimes, definitely bedtimes. I kid you not. There is no other time of day that I can gaze upon the faces of my beautiful boys without them whining or running off. I love watching their peaceful sleeping expressions and cannot resist stroking the sides of their soft cheeks.

What skill/talent have you got that few people know about or that you’ yourself have forgotten you had?

I can raise both of my eyebrows independently!

What’s your best blog post? (in your estimation – do not count how many hits or likes you’ve had)

Well of all two posts I have previously done – haha – I choose my very first post, it is a truer representation of my completely scattered thought process. I am not cold at this moment in time!

What’s the best way you’ve found to encourage a child to eat something they don’t like?

Steal the offending item from their plates as you put their meal out in front of them. Pretend it’s like some prize, the most favourite bit of a meal, go all Truchbull on them shouting ‘Much too good for children’ as you swipe it! WARNING – this may result in you having to consume far too much broccoli for a few weeks but now my youngest adores it, in fact it’s the first thing he eats off his plate before mummy steals it!

Now for my questions to my nominees

1) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

2) Spots or stripes?

3) What is your favourite season and why?

4) How do you like your eggs in the morning?

5) How did you decide the name/s for your child/ren?

I apologise if you’ve been sent this previously, really new to all of this, it’s all good fun anyhow!


Earlier I made the normal, everyday trip to my boys’ school to pick up Noo Bear from nursery. This is possibly the best part of my day, I get squeals of excitement from my youngest, as if he hasn’t seen me for a week and that me standing there is a complete surprise rather than an everyday occurrence!

After the usual cuddles the nursery teacher asked if she could have a quick chat with me, she is rather concerned about Bear’s speech…

This has been a rather touchy subject for me over the past year. I had been worried about this for a fair while and had approached Bear’s health visitor, his doctor and the head of nursery at his previous school – we moved to a different area and school a few weeks before the summer holidays – and was repeatedly told that there was nothing to worry about, that Bear’s speech would sort itself out as he got older. I wasn’t too convinced about this so every few weeks I would bring it to their attention again, I was always greeted with the same response.

Shortly after we moved we were visited by a lovely lady from a scheme that had been following Noo Bear’s progress from birth, every so often she’d come by and assess his development. This time she had a set of tests for him, throughout these tests Noo Bear excelled, she was amazed at how advanced he was for his age but did make a note that he was struggling with his speech a little. Again I went back to his doctor, told them that I wanted something doing about it and that I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, I was told that because we had moved we were no longer in the catchment area. Noo Bear would need to be registered at a closer surgery, to get a new health visitor and that I would need to tell them about my concerns over his speech.

So now I am still waiting for him to be assigned a health visitor, to get on a waiting list to have an appointment made for Noo Bear to visit a speech therapist. The whole thing is an absolute joke, it’s taken a year for someone else to acknowledge that my son needs help. I am however really grateful that the new school is actually paying attention and trying to help their students. Hopefully with the help from the school we will now get somewhere!

Hello world!

This is my very first post and all I can think about is how cold my fingers are as they’re tapping away. Brrr, need some gloves or something!

I should probably explain why I want to write a blog or at least attempt to do so… Hmm, well would it seemed like a good idea at the time be enough? Nope? I guess I’ll have to think of something suitable at a later date, once my hands have defrosted and my mind can focus!

So, so very cold. A cup of hot chocolate is definitely called for! So hello and goodbye for now =)