My 20th week in photos

week 20

week 20 pt 2132 – I lost the dog for a fair few minutes. I was really starting to freak out when I found the fluffy muppet curled up on top of and partly covered by a pile of clean washing… That’ll teach me for not folding and putting away soon enough won’t it? Fluffy little beast.

133 – The card I made for my Grandad.

134 – This is what happens when Bear gets hold of my make up bag. He likes to copy mummy!

135 – Gryffin’s magic beanstalk seems to be growing! Bear’s is the little teeny one behind it – I’m thinking they may need separate pots haha!

136 – I’ve been playing with making a waffle blanket! What do you think?

137 – Not the best photo but definitely the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen. So beautifully pink and purple!

138 – We’re glad the sun came back. We hope it stays. Water fights are so much fun!

So how was your week?

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