Gwrych Castle

For the first time over this holiday myself, the boys and the fluffy hound went to visit my sister in her new home. We had an absolutely fantastic day out visiting her local walks – a farm, woods and a castle in ruins. 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe kids absolutely adored feeding the farm animals. I’m pretty sure the dogs enjoyed it too – considering she’d never seen anything like them before my Lola behaved very well. She even got a few kisses from the pig!ImageLooks like something from a fairytale don’t you think?ImageImageImageImageImageImageJust as lovely as the castle are the woods surrounding it – although you’re not allowed inside the castle itself there are a few walks taking you around it. Further from the castle we found ruins, parts of walls, old arches. It’s an absolutely stunning place.ImageImageImageImageImageI could quite happily spend all day, every day here. I think the boys would agree. I can easily see why my sister loves it. We are so lucky to live where we do. Wales is beautiful!

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My 33rd week in photos

I really have been neglecting my blog of late. Yes there is an entire week of 365 missing (the photos I have, just getting them here is the issue). Too much to do and so many things going wrong just don’t leave me with the desire to keep up with things. I have had THE biggest whoha with my ridiculous camera, when that issue was solved – sort of, does borrowing someone else’s count as solved? Probably not. Anyhow… I sorted that problem and then in a rather ridiculous way went and tipped an entire pint of water down the back of my laptop. Seriously. Someone would think I do these things on purpose. Ughh. Here I am though! Updating the photos I can actually get hold of – the others are stuck on the frazzled and rather dead laptop but I’m promised that I will get them back. Somehow. I don’t really do computers so the man may as well be speaking another language…



223 – The view from the top of the hill – a bit of a trek but oh so worth it don’t you think?

224 – Cheeky little Bear making water ‘drawings’ on the wall behind him, good job it dries haha!

225 – Bear decorating himself! I drew around the boys bodies and left them with free reign. Of course Bear was going to be green…

226 – Pretending to be Kings, this is a great almost local walk. There are ruins up there too, have to remember to photograph them next time!

227 – My first fully completed crocheted item of wearable clothing! Super exciting! Hope my niece likes it!

228 – A little bike ride for Gryffin. He’s not wearing a helmet – terrible parenting – but he’s perfectly safe, he’s on an unused car park – no traffic of any sort. He loves his bike.

229 – I think this is my favourite spot ever. Love the sound of the water, so peaceful!

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