Sick duty

We’re currently on day two of a sicky bug.

Sick is not my favourite thing.

In fact when I hear/see someone being sick I get that watery warning in my mouth and go all dizzy.

Despite all the grossness of large quantities of sick from my boys I have been terribly amused, they’ve come out with some absolute corkers!

Yesterday – the first time poor Bear was sick was possibly the best. He’s ill very rarely and sick even less so it’s not a thing he is used to. He woke up, came downstairs and emptied his stomach all over my kitchen floor. He looked petrified and after calming him slightly he shouted out

‘I need a doctor! All the life has come out of me!’

Stifling my giggles I mopped up the vile liquid. It took him around half an hour to stop freaking out about the life that had escaped him…

The next best was Gryffin. Typical Gryffin moment, completely over-dramatic bless him. I’d left them both lying on separate sofa’s with a blanket over them to go and make some dinner for everyone. I’d been in the kitchen all of 5 minutes before I heard Gryffin shouting me in a the shrill ear piercing tone he saves for when he is sick.

‘Mummy, mummy make Bear stop! MUMMY!!’

I ran in as fast as my chubby legs could carry me, look around and everything was as I had left it. I asked Gryffin what Bear had done that was so terrible.

‘Make him stop, the noise has gone right through my ears’

Hmmm, me – ‘What noise’

‘His breathing!’

Yes, of course, how could I be so daft? How could Bear be so rude as to make noise whilst breathing? How very dare he? Terribly amusing.

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