My 36th week in photos

week 36

week 36 pt 2

244 – Man and mini man walk the dog.

245 – A lovely walk over to the Castle to say farewell to the summer.

246 – The first brand shiny new day of school. Proud of my boys.

247 – Down to work on just the second day of school. Gryffin is such a good boy.

248 – A finished order – the boys didn’t much appreciate me trying it on them haha!

249 – Another order on the go, teeny size this time.

250 – Bear’s interesting find. Ew.


My 34th and 35th week in photos

Ahaha I managed it again, I missed last weeks posting! I somehow – probably due to the bank holiday – got myself a day behind. I thought Sunday was Saturday and Monday was Sunday! Silly me. ImageImageImageImageI’ll have to put descriptions up in the morning as I am so so ready to go to bed. It’s been a long day! 

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Gwrych Castle

For the first time over this holiday myself, the boys and the fluffy hound went to visit my sister in her new home. We had an absolutely fantastic day out visiting her local walks – a farm, woods and a castle in ruins. 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe kids absolutely adored feeding the farm animals. I’m pretty sure the dogs enjoyed it too – considering she’d never seen anything like them before my Lola behaved very well. She even got a few kisses from the pig!ImageLooks like something from a fairytale don’t you think?ImageImageImageImageImageImageJust as lovely as the castle are the woods surrounding it – although you’re not allowed inside the castle itself there are a few walks taking you around it. Further from the castle we found ruins, parts of walls, old arches. It’s an absolutely stunning place.ImageImageImageImageImageI could quite happily spend all day, every day here. I think the boys would agree. I can easily see why my sister loves it. We are so lucky to live where we do. Wales is beautiful!

I’m linking up with Country Kids from Coombe Mill this week =)

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My 33rd week in photos

I really have been neglecting my blog of late. Yes there is an entire week of 365 missing (the photos I have, just getting them here is the issue). Too much to do and so many things going wrong just don’t leave me with the desire to keep up with things. I have had THE biggest whoha with my ridiculous camera, when that issue was solved – sort of, does borrowing someone else’s count as solved? Probably not. Anyhow… I sorted that problem and then in a rather ridiculous way went and tipped an entire pint of water down the back of my laptop. Seriously. Someone would think I do these things on purpose. Ughh. Here I am though! Updating the photos I can actually get hold of – the others are stuck on the frazzled and rather dead laptop but I’m promised that I will get them back. Somehow. I don’t really do computers so the man may as well be speaking another language…



223 – The view from the top of the hill – a bit of a trek but oh so worth it don’t you think?

224 – Cheeky little Bear making water ‘drawings’ on the wall behind him, good job it dries haha!

225 – Bear decorating himself! I drew around the boys bodies and left them with free reign. Of course Bear was going to be green…

226 – Pretending to be Kings, this is a great almost local walk. There are ruins up there too, have to remember to photograph them next time!

227 – My first fully completed crocheted item of wearable clothing! Super exciting! Hope my niece likes it!

228 – A little bike ride for Gryffin. He’s not wearing a helmet – terrible parenting – but he’s perfectly safe, he’s on an unused car park – no traffic of any sort. He loves his bike.

229 – I think this is my favourite spot ever. Love the sound of the water, so peaceful!

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My 29th week in photos



195 – Am I the only one that can’t stand weaving in the ends? Worst thing ever!

196 – Bear is a funny little soul, he’s far too hot at night time so ends up in some funny positions – sometimes minus some clothing…

197 – I know Bear is fascinated when I’m applying make up but his curiosity definitely got the better of him when I found him trying it himself!

198 – Poor baby tripped and fell landing on rocks. He was pretty upset when he looked in the mirror!

199 – Nom nom, chocolate overload cake – I made two of these, one for each of the boys to take into their class on the last day of school!

200 – Sunny stroll along the prom

201 – My gorgeous little nephew – possibly the cutest way to be woken at 6am!

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My 28th week in photos



188 – The flowers on our potato plants, I must say I’m surprised they’ve survived – I am not green fingered in any way aha!

189 – Wahoo! Water fights and camping in the garden, such fun!

190 – Progress on Gryffin’s blanket – I’m loving it so far, totally random =)

191 – Has anyone apart from me seen this happen? The woodlouse flipped onto it’s back, wiggled it’s legs around and all the teeny tiny little ones crawled off it’s belly. Fascinating but gross. Bear was absolutely captivated.

192 – Banana bread made especially for Bear by daddy – rather tasty!

193 – I think I cheated a little with the water fight – Gryffin clearly didn’t appreciate the pan full of water mwahahaha. Evil mummy!

194 – Lovely simple granny square blanket for Bear, he loves green!

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My 27th week in photos

week 27

week 27 pt 2

181 – My first join as you go project!

182 – Sleepy tired puppy

183 – Cheeky little Bear

184 – Gryffin playing peepo in the rocks

185 – Gryffin left this for Bear, Bear’s poor bunny – he never stood a chance!

186 – Beautiful walk in the gorgeous sunshine. You’ve got to love Betws!

187 – Donkey ride at the Summer Gala! Gryffin looks pretty excited don’t you think? He now wants a pet donkey…

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My 25th and 26th week in photos




Image167 – Lovely peaceful walk.

168 – Bear very kindly left me his friends to keep me company once he’d gone to bed.

169 – Gryffin decided tonight he was going to leave me his friends like Bear did the night before. I’m sure he was trying to be sweet but the cat with the gun looks rather menacing don’t you think?

170 – Trying out a pattern for bunting. I think it’s adorable – the man doesn’t agree…

171 – Loving the sunshine through the leaves, it’s been rather miserable so the sun is a lovely sight. Summer my backside!

172 – Grown in my garden =)

173 – Pretties in the making

174 – First customer piece (not counting my sister). Clashes wonderfully with my carpet haha!

175 – The start of putting it together. Not something to begin at almost midnight. Two leaves down and time for bed.

176 – Tada! I finished it in the morning. Pretty pleased with it.

177 – A lovely little footpath on a lovely sunny day.

178 – A quick make, pretty little flower for a headband.

179 – The blanket is getting bigger!

180 – My favourite view on my favourite walk =)

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My 24th week in photos




160 – I finally finished the baby blanket I’d been working on.

161 – A lovely little note from Bear! You can’t see it all but it says ‘I love you’

162 – Bear had gone very quiet while I was making dinner, I found him in the living room like this and couldn’t resist tickling him while he was stuck – evil mum mwahahaha!

163 – A really fast crochet project – a ruffly nappy cover.

164 – Gryffin found the blanket. He then decided that his favourite colour is pink. He now wants to keep it…

165 – Shells Bear picked up from a quick visit to the beach, he loves his collections

166 – The Man up a tree supposedly showing the boys how it’s ‘really done’, he’s actually wondering how he’ll get down. Daft sod.


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