Sick duty

We’re currently on day two of a sicky bug.

Sick is not my favourite thing.

In fact when I hear/see someone being sick I get that watery warning in my mouth and go all dizzy.

Despite all the grossness of large quantities of sick from my boys I have been terribly amused, they’ve come out with some absolute corkers!

Yesterday – the first time poor Bear was sick was possibly the best. He’s ill very rarely and sick even less so it’s not a thing he is used to. He woke up, came downstairs and emptied his stomach all over my kitchen floor. He looked petrified and after calming him slightly he shouted out

‘I need a doctor! All the life has come out of me!’

Stifling my giggles I mopped up the vile liquid. It took him around half an hour to stop freaking out about the life that had escaped him…

The next best was Gryffin. Typical Gryffin moment, completely over-dramatic bless him. I’d left them both lying on separate sofa’s with a blanket over them to go and make some dinner for everyone. I’d been in the kitchen all of 5 minutes before I heard Gryffin shouting me in a the shrill ear piercing tone he saves for when he is sick.

‘Mummy, mummy make Bear stop! MUMMY!!’

I ran in as fast as my chubby legs could carry me, look around and everything was as I had left it. I asked Gryffin what Bear had done that was so terrible.

‘Make him stop, the noise has gone right through my ears’

Hmmm, me – ‘What noise’

‘His breathing!’

Yes, of course, how could I be so daft? How could Bear be so rude as to make noise whilst breathing? How very dare he? Terribly amusing.

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Birthday post!

Pretty self explanatory, today is my birthday! Usually, approaching birthday’s fill me with a sense of dread. I have never had anything good ever happen to me on a birthday, I’ve always felt the same way, tis one of the many flaws of my ever so odd personality but I feel the same way about Christmas. It seems to be all the expected occasions when one should generally be jolly and full of good cheer (or gin/vodka/whateveryourtipple) I naturally dislike/fear.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I seem to have beaten myself, my gloomy outlook (I used to get called Eeyore in school and not because I look like a donkey… or perhaps that was part of it?). Hmmm!

Anyhow today I have actually enjoyed myself, not because I had masses of presents, or because for one day the man managed to clean the shower after use or wash the pots – neither of which he did by the way. Not because my boys behaved like little angels – they didn’t, they were fighting, pushing each other in the mud and generally being far too loud than should be humanly possible.

No! This year I have enjoyed my birthday because last night I went to bed not expecting anything – be it good or bad. I woke up and just let the day unfold. I made no plans. I treated it like any other day. I ended up making myself a birthday cake with my boys and enjoyed it. I took the boys and the dog up to feed the horses and enjoyed that. When we got home we lit the candles on the cake and the boys had a blast blowing them out again and again and again and again. I have really enjoyed myself, I’ve had a great birthday! Hoorah!

Make a wish, or two or three!

Absence and choas

My life is absolute chaos! For the past week and a half everyone in the house has been suffering from the dreaded lergy. Sick, mops and bodily juices flying. Absolutely disgusting – the boys even used MY sleeves for snot rags much to my absolute joy *rolls eyes* and naturally the man is ever so much more poorly than me…

Anyhow we were pretty much over the worst a few days ago much to my relief. Kids back to school, mummy able to actually clean up but then what happens? I take the four legger for a walk, fall off the pavement in the dark and completely duff up my ankle! I had to hop home agony and near tears – slightly dramatic for a sprain but it bloody well hurt!

The house is now an absolute bomb site since I’m relying on the boys to help me clean – they are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. It takes me forever to waddle up and down the hill to take the kids to school and pick up, plus we have builders working on the roof!! Cheeky so and so’s they are too – their equipment is only plugged into my electricity. The front of the house is trashed – there’s cement mix everywhere including my windows. Impressed I am not!

On top of all this mess I have only set myself a near impossible task, I probably should have started a while ago but my memory is not so good these days – I forget things near enough instantly but that’s what having two crazy miniature people around you does. They should come with a health warning. Seriously. See I just nearly forgot what I was talking about while trying to explain, my probably impossible task is for Christmas – it’s getting closer and closer and am slightly freaking out now. My aim is to make everyone a hand made gift, to put all my craftiness to a good use. It’s just a shame I have absolutely no time management skills what so ever! I’m seriously going to have to get on top of this before I have a meltdown… Maybe that should be my task for today? I’ll have to start small. A list maybe? Eeep.

What grinds my gears!

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Clare at in this not as easy as it sounds meme. I’m all for moaning about things – just ask the man, he tells me if it was ever an Olympic sport I’d get the gold without a doubt! I do do it mostly in jest though, there isn’t much that really gets to me. So here we go!

Things that make me go GRRRRR!

– Toys with bits missing, drives me absolutely batty!

– Bits all over my freshly hoovered carpet – I swear my boys carry around a cup full of crumbs especially…

– Ridiculously cheerful mums at the school in the morning – no I do not want to chat, I want to go back to bed!

– Extremes of temperature, too hot or too cold – not nice.

– The fact that the park is next to my boys school – how is one supposed to walk the boys home past the park without them kicking off?

– Grumpy old people that glare at my boys when shopping before they’ve even opened their mouths.

– The fact I can never find a matching pair of socks! Where’d they all go?!

– Dentists.

– My unruly hair that can’t decide whether it wants to be straight or curly.

– The fact that there are not enough hours in the day.

– Reaching the end of a really good book. This first makes me sad then grr when I can’t find anything else to read!

– Being fat. I’m 9 and a half lbs down but have still got a fair bit to go!

It’s a rather short list for me but I didn’t want everyone to think I’m the worlds most miserable mother – I’m really not, I just amuse myself by moaning! Now it’s your turn!

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Conversations in the tub

Just a short little something to warm the heart when the nights begin to get really cold. My two boys as usual of a night were splashing each other in the bath tub, bubbles flying, dinosaurs drowning and pirates rushing to save them. Then the chatter turned to something much sweeter. It went as follows –

Bear – ‘Mummy I love you’

Me sat beside the bathtub looking rather soggy and wet – ‘Love you too sweety’

Bear – ‘Mummy, Gryffin is my best friend’

Me – ‘That’s sweet, what do you think Gryffin?’

Gryffin puts down his dinosaur toys and thinks deeply…

‘Samuel is my friend.’

A lovely dramatic pause (he’s all about the drama my dear Gryffin you know)

‘But Bear is my best friend.’ – he even added a head bob here.

Me (smiling slightly) – ‘Why do you think that?’

Gryffin – ‘He is always there, we have adventures together!’


I hope my beautiful boys continue to have a lifetime of adventures together, best friends forever =)