Easter Trail

On Sunday we headed towards our local National Trust property for the Cadbury Easter egg trail. I’ve been to Bodnant Garden only once before with my boys, it wasn’t too enjoyable an experience since Bear was hardly walking at the time so had to be carried – like many places in North Wales it’s pretty hilly ha!

It was a really fun experience even though Bear didn’t really play along with the hunting for clues and answering the questions – which was really the point in the trail. Fun was had all the same! We spent the entire morning there exploring all the different paths – we did end up leaving the trail completely but in doing so went around the entire property, we headed away from the formal gardens and headed towards the waterfalls and wooded areas. It is absolutely beautiful there, one of my favourite places!

directionsReading the sign at the very start of the trail

done 5Gryffin clearly very excited! Taken minutes before he went skipping off down the path singing…

which way

‘Which way should we go Daddy?’

manorThe old Manor, still on the trail at this point!

off trackHere we left the trail and headed off on an adventure – according to my boys!

water fallOoo water – we stopped and threw some sticks, naturally!

done 19We had to check under this bridge for trolls before the boys would walk across.

done 18I think these are all the same stream just at different points on the footpath. Apart from the ‘Oh how pretty’ my brain wasn’t terribly switched on, more just enjoying the moment!

biggest treeBear found the biggest tree in the whole wide world apparently – he HAD to have a photo! He looks tiny and you can’t even see the top haha!

old mill

We found the old mill that is now home to fish stealing otters and bats! Exciting! Then we headed back up to join the trail as little legs were getting tired.

Follow daddy

Daddy is hunting for questions as well as carrying everything – silly mummy forgot her bag!


The last clue hid from us – it was on the wall at the back somewhere!

rock climbing

Bear ‘rock climbing’ since the tree he tried to climb beat him up – no joke, that is actually what he claimed happened! Must have been an Ent…

done 17

A very tired Bear waiting to collect his prize! Gryffin was far too tired for photos, he just wanted a snuggle.  Off home we headed with chocolate eggs and sleepy boys. Waiting for them there was a special treat I’d made for them – no chocolate from mummy this year!

done 7

Gryffin’s bunny.

done 8

Bear’s bunny.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bodnant Garden, the Easter egg trail and our adventuring. I will definitely be doing the same again next year! Hooray for Easter!


Sick duty

We’re currently on day two of a sicky bug.

Sick is not my favourite thing.

In fact when I hear/see someone being sick I get that watery warning in my mouth and go all dizzy.

Despite all the grossness of large quantities of sick from my boys I have been terribly amused, they’ve come out with some absolute corkers!

Yesterday – the first time poor Bear was sick was possibly the best. He’s ill very rarely and sick even less so it’s not a thing he is used to. He woke up, came downstairs and emptied his stomach all over my kitchen floor. He looked petrified and after calming him slightly he shouted out

‘I need a doctor! All the life has come out of me!’

Stifling my giggles I mopped up the vile liquid. It took him around half an hour to stop freaking out about the life that had escaped him…

The next best was Gryffin. Typical Gryffin moment, completely over-dramatic bless him. I’d left them both lying on separate sofa’s with a blanket over them to go and make some dinner for everyone. I’d been in the kitchen all of 5 minutes before I heard Gryffin shouting me in a the shrill ear piercing tone he saves for when he is sick.

‘Mummy, mummy make Bear stop! MUMMY!!’

I ran in as fast as my chubby legs could carry me, look around and everything was as I had left it. I asked Gryffin what Bear had done that was so terrible.

‘Make him stop, the noise has gone right through my ears’

Hmmm, me – ‘What noise’

‘His breathing!’

Yes, of course, how could I be so daft? How could Bear be so rude as to make noise whilst breathing? How very dare he? Terribly amusing.

I have added this to the Wot So Funee linky over at Family Four Fun, go have a nosey!

Conversations in the tub

Just a short little something to warm the heart when the nights begin to get really cold. My two boys as usual of a night were splashing each other in the bath tub, bubbles flying, dinosaurs drowning and pirates rushing to save them. Then the chatter turned to something much sweeter. It went as follows –

Bear – ‘Mummy I love you’

Me sat beside the bathtub looking rather soggy and wet – ‘Love you too sweety’

Bear – ‘Mummy, Gryffin is my best friend’

Me – ‘That’s sweet, what do you think Gryffin?’

Gryffin puts down his dinosaur toys and thinks deeply…

‘Samuel is my friend.’

A lovely dramatic pause (he’s all about the drama my dear Gryffin you know)

‘But Bear is my best friend.’ – he even added a head bob here.

Me (smiling slightly) – ‘Why do you think that?’

Gryffin – ‘He is always there, we have adventures together!’


I hope my beautiful boys continue to have a lifetime of adventures together, best friends forever =)