Gwrych Castle

For the first time over this holiday myself, the boys and the fluffy hound went to visit my sister in her new home. We had an absolutely fantastic day out visiting her local walks – a farm, woods and a castle in ruins. 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThe kids absolutely adored feeding the farm animals. I’m pretty sure the dogs enjoyed it too – considering she’d never seen anything like them before my Lola behaved very well. She even got a few kisses from the pig!ImageLooks like something from a fairytale don’t you think?ImageImageImageImageImageImageJust as lovely as the castle are the woods surrounding it – although you’re not allowed inside the castle itself there are a few walks taking you around it. Further from the castle we found ruins, parts of walls, old arches. It’s an absolutely stunning place.ImageImageImageImageImageI could quite happily spend all day, every day here. I think the boys would agree. I can easily see why my sister loves it. We are so lucky to live where we do. Wales is beautiful!

I’m linking up with Country Kids from Coombe Mill this week =)

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




6 thoughts on “Gwrych Castle

    • We walked much farther than we meant to – I was with my 2 year old niece and little legs don’t go for very long – because we were having so much fun. I had to carry her most of the way back! It was so lovely I didn’t mind though.
      Thanks for the comment =) x

  1. The farm could so be here at Coombe Mill but I can’t claim to have a castle like that. How wonderul it looks and full of adventure and splender for young minds. I love your photos, it looks like such a perfect day and so very Country Kids. Thank you for linking up.

    • The farm was fantastic – I didn’t manage to take photos of the masses of wild rabbits and free running chickens, they were all over the place. It was lovely, such a great day out and I finally got round to joining in with the linky! =)

    • Thank you =) We probably could have gotten inside, the photos of the boys in the archway was actually behind the safety railings – I just didn’t feel it safe to push in any further haha! It’s been in ruins since the 80’s and danger signs have been put up everywhere. It’s lovely enough from the outside anyhow, once it was gorgeously grand inside but vandals wrecked that. There are plans to rebuild, renovate and turn it into a hotel and spa – I hope I see this in my lifetime. It’s such a beautiful place!

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