I’m pretty new to the blogging world but I’ve been following a fair few blogs that had posted photos for last years 366.

I didn’t really understand it at first, why would anyone want to post a photo every day for a whole year?

Wouldn’t they run out of things to photograph?

I then read about why people had joined in and decided that I had my own reasons too.

If you look back to the beginning of the year, look back at the smiling faces of your children, look back on the things you were doing or the places you were you can see just how much things change.

My boys are growing and changing so fast, I feel like I miss so much of that even though I’m always with them.

This year I’m joining in! I want to capture these changes and keep them here to look back on. Relive them.

In my usual fashion though I’m a little late starting haha, I have plenty of photos to choose from though since my camera is practically glued to me.

So here is number 1 of 365

Beautiful birthday boy

Beautiful birthday boy

This is my gorgeous little nephew on his 1st birthday. The 1st day of a brand new year, if that’s not special what is? Beautiful, beautiful little boy.

 2 of 365

Nom nom

Nom nom

Mucky boys love it when mummy bakes! Yummy chocolate and I even unplugged the mixer before giving it to them – that’s love right?

So there it is, the beginning of my year in photographs!

3 of 365



Nothing is as exciting as playdoh – clearly! I’m going to have to think of another way to post these photos. I’m only 3 days in and having to edit this page each time is going to get old real fast. If anyone sees this do you have any suggestions? There was me thinking I was being smart haha. Oh I’m awful at this…

4 of 365

It's a hard life

It’s a hard life

While I’ve been dealing with sick duty all day – how I love a good dose of norovirus, not!! – Lola has been, well, catching some z’s.

5 of 365

Pickle's masterpiece

Pickle’s masterpiece

My lovely little Pickle is starting to get more control over his writing, it’s been a little difficult for him trying to copy my movements him being left handed and all but he’s getting there!

6 of 365


I absolutely love crochet, it’s something I’ve only recently started but it’s so relaxing and easy to get to grips with!

7 of 365



The dog that thinks it’s a cat or possibly a parrot. This is her favourite perch whether you’re sat on the seat or not. Mummy doesn’t like, poor sofa. Poor, poor sofa.

8 of 365

Almost done!

Almost done!

After school puzzles.

9 of 365

Lovely reflection of the roof there but never mind! Paper silhouettes of the little ones for my mother – handmade gifts are a plus right?

10 of 365

The source of many a peaceful nights sleep!

11 of 365

Bear is dramatic even while asleep, funny little man.

12 of 365

Frost on my blackberry bush – where’s this snow then?


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