A little update

After waiting for a fair few weeks – since I last blogged about it here – Bear finally got an appointment through about speech therapy. Today he and I made our way to the library (no idea why it was in a library) to meet someone for an assessment of the severity of his problem.

We were ushered to a room in the back of the library and there we met a lovely, slightly mad woman. She, after numerous tests – even though it was more like playing with Bear than testing him – declared that although Bear is terribly bright and very advanced in the language that he’s using, he does indeed have a problem with pronouncing letters that use the front of his mouth to make the sound.

She then went on to introduce a few games to Bear to try and encourage him to completely over exaggerate the sounds that he can’t say in order for him to practise moving his mouth in the correct way – I was absolutely howling inside, she looked hilarious and ever so slightly insane – and it worked! It actually worked! Straight off, I was really impressed. Clearly acting like a complete doof with children works! Mr. Tumble eat your heart out!

We were there for around an hour and half in total, she played many different games with Bear asking for me to join in and also went on to suggest activities for me to do with him when we got home. One of which was a silly sound game, she suggested I try it when I’m doing day to day things like shopping – I found myself nodding and smiling while inside I was cringing and thinking that one is ever happening! Shopping is enough of a challenge with two under 5’s that are no longer small enough to shove in buggies or the shopping trolley, tried the latter recently with both of my boys and around 80% of the shopping got smooshed. It’s not a case of embarrassment here though, it’s more like I’ll be acting like a muppet with Bear – this happens daily anyhow – but if I’m just concentrating on Bear then Gryffin will be either shoving the trolley full of  his idea of shopping or running off faster than I can catch him. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Nope, shopping trip silliness will not be happening.

We have plenty of time to play it when he gets back from nursery before we have to pick Gryffin up.

We will be getting a set of cards – the ones that she used with him – and game suggestions sent to us in the post as she told us that although the session today went really well, there is a huge waiting list to get regular appointments to see her or any of her colleagues. By the time something gets sorted, if I’ve made an effort to repeat what she did during the hour and a half I was with her, Bear might not even need to see anyone any longer.  Odd since that’s her job but at least she was honest about the ridiculous waiting list and lets face it, if I can help my boy I will do all that  I can!

An odd sort of day but I’m feeling pretty positive =)