My 36th week in photos

week 36

week 36 pt 2

244 – Man and mini man walk the dog.

245 – A lovely walk over to the Castle to say farewell to the summer.

246 – The first brand shiny new day of school. Proud of my boys.

247 – Down to work on just the second day of school. Gryffin is such a good boy.

248 – A finished order – the boys didn’t much appreciate me trying it on them haha!

249 – Another order on the go, teeny size this time.

250 – Bear’s interesting find. Ew.


My 34th and 35th week in photos

Ahaha I managed it again, I missed last weeks posting! I somehow – probably due to the bank holiday – got myself a day behind. I thought Sunday was Saturday and Monday was Sunday! Silly me. ImageImageImageImageI’ll have to put descriptions up in the morning as I am so so ready to go to bed. It’s been a long day! 

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