A Bear of a birthday!

Today my very littlest man turned 4.

My baby is no longer so much of a baby.

While I’m proud of him in every way, I also feel rather sad that he’s getting so big.

I cannot for the life of me fathom why some parents wish away these years, if I could I’d keep him this age forever.

I know I shouldn’t feel sad, he had an absolutely fantastic day and rightly so – you can’t redo birthdays can you? They happen only once a year!







DSCF3586.1What should really have been a nice quiet affair with only the family invited – Nainy, Taidy, cousins and Aunties – turned into something more befitting of Bear. Silliness and no volume control reined supreme!

I’m so pleased he enjoyed himself, now I’m off to join my boys in the land of nod. I am shattered! I couldn’t care less that it’s before 9pm haha.


My little boy

Today my baby, you’re another year older.

Five years now since I held you that very first time.

I never imagined then how we’d be, how you’d be.

A few months before then I’d never imagined you, I’d never even considered having a child, never imagined myself as a mother, but there you were.

And never have I looked back.

From the moment I knew I was carrying you I loved you.

I loved you more than I’d ever loved anything in my entire life. I didn’t know what true love was until I loved you.

I’ve watched you grow year after year, in body and in mind.

You are a very curious but caring little soul.

You are so gentle, so kind and yet so strong.

You still believe that a cuddle from mummy will right all the wrongs in the world, you still believe in me. You believe in me even when I don’t.

You are my rock.

You are my calm.

You are my everything.

My perfect little man.

Happy 5th birthday, I love you back to the stars!

New Years

New years isn’t just new years to me, I have something more to celebrate.

Today is the 1st birthday of my beautiful little nephew!

He is my only nephew so is therefore the best, he really is an awesome little guy despite the fact he calls me and my sister Titty – we don’t half get some funny looks when in public with that one! He is such a bright little button, I know he will go far.

I wish him all the best with all of my heart and can’t wait to see him tomorrow.

Happy birthday to you my gorgeous little Riley


Birthday post!

Pretty self explanatory, today is my birthday! Usually, approaching birthday’s fill me with a sense of dread. I have never had anything good ever happen to me on a birthday, I’ve always felt the same way, tis one of the many flaws of my ever so odd personality but I feel the same way about Christmas. It seems to be all the expected occasions when one should generally be jolly and full of good cheer (or gin/vodka/whateveryourtipple) I naturally dislike/fear.

BUT NOT THIS YEAR! I seem to have beaten myself, my gloomy outlook (I used to get called Eeyore in school and not because I look like a donkey… or perhaps that was part of it?). Hmmm!

Anyhow today I have actually enjoyed myself, not because I had masses of presents, or because for one day the man managed to clean the shower after use or wash the pots – neither of which he did by the way. Not because my boys behaved like little angels – they didn’t, they were fighting, pushing each other in the mud and generally being far too loud than should be humanly possible.

No! This year I have enjoyed my birthday because last night I went to bed not expecting anything – be it good or bad. I woke up and just let the day unfold. I made no plans. I treated it like any other day. I ended up making myself a birthday cake with my boys and enjoyed it. I took the boys and the dog up to feed the horses and enjoyed that. When we got home we lit the candles on the cake and the boys had a blast blowing them out again and again and again and again. I have really enjoyed myself, I’ve had a great birthday! Hoorah!

Make a wish, or two or three!