My 23rd week in photos



153 – This is another not officially taken by myself photo – Bear has developed a serious love for my camera. It means that every time I find him with it I have around 80 randomly blurred or floor shots on it but occasionally I find something adorable like this!

154 – Yay for sunshine, all the flowers are coming out to play!

155 – Bear is a cutey, he loves handing out flowers to all the lovely mummy’s at the school, I sometimes get some – only sometimes!

156 – Lovely fluffy pup is enjoying walks in the sunshine.

157 – I found a bigger gurgling stream on another local walk. I love where I live!

158 – Exploring on the weekend. The boys spent most of the day climbing a number of different trees including this rather dead one, great fun!

159 – A fearless mamma and her twins. Adorable! Even Lola loved them. Probably not in the same way I did though… Bad dog.

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My 21st week in photos

week 21

week 21 pt 2


139 – A little walk to the Quay, my boys love the boats.

140 – Bear loves bubbles – hooray for bubble machines!

141 – It may be strange to take photos of other people’s houses but this is my favourite cottage on my walks down the country lanes. I’d love to live there, miles away from anyone! Gorgeous!

142 – Yay for more water fights, yay for afternoon sunshine! Won’t be long before both of them are in school full time – we have only until September. Make the most of it while we can =)

143 – I’m slightly obsessed with the view from my bedroom window. I think it’s rather lovely.

144 – Although Thursday was my niece’s birthday we were asked if she could have a party at our house. Obviously I said yes so I prepared her cake in advance! Only the night before but for me that’s ahead of the game 😉

145 – The beautiful birthday girl herself enjoying Bear’s bubble machine haha! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


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My 20th week in photos

week 20

week 20 pt 2132 – I lost the dog for a fair few minutes. I was really starting to freak out when I found the fluffy muppet curled up on top of and partly covered by a pile of clean washing… That’ll teach me for not folding and putting away soon enough won’t it? Fluffy little beast.

133 – The card I made for my Grandad.

134 – This is what happens when Bear gets hold of my make up bag. He likes to copy mummy!

135 – Gryffin’s magic beanstalk seems to be growing! Bear’s is the little teeny one behind it – I’m thinking they may need separate pots haha!

136 – I’ve been playing with making a waffle blanket! What do you think?

137 – Not the best photo but definitely the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen. So beautifully pink and purple!

138 – We’re glad the sun came back. We hope it stays. Water fights are so much fun!

So how was your week?

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My 17th week in photos

week 17PicMonkey Collage

111 – Visiting my sister. My gorgeous little nephew decided that the dog biscuits were his!

112 – Working on a blanket for the boy, it’s going to take me forever!

113 – Enjoying the sunshine in the garden after school – is there anything better?

114 – A small crochet project, a headband for myself!

115 – After school playtime in the park with Bear!

116 – Princess Jellybean not too happy before bedtime – we love our sleepovers!

117 – A hugging wrestling match with daddy before bed, makes a mess of the furniture but is such good fun ha!


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My 16th week in photos




104 – Playing around with a piece of paper and a scalpel!

105 – The first properly sunny day in what seems like forever.

106 – After school baking, the boys were very amused once they’d cracked the eggs and found them smiling!

107 – Bear’s favourite position on his play mat.

108 – A very sweet moment. Mummy was making bedtime hot chocolates and Bear couldn’t button up his pj’s. Bear got rather upset and in rushed Gryffin to help him. Brotherly love is adorable =)

109 – Friday was the 70th birthday of a very special lady. Much love to Tiny Nainy.

110 – Playing in the park. Gryffin decided that despite the sunny day he would wear his raincoat and wellieboots…


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Could it be?

Today we had sun! A fair bit of it too, it was actually warm – well warmish. Could this be Spring? We played in the garden in t-shirts! I think I’m in shock. I really really hope it stays, it makes me feel alive again. I need warmth to function! Must have been a lizard in a past life or something… Seriously though, everything is better when the sun is shining. Isn’t it?


Yay for sun!

My 15th week in photos

This past week has been so grim we have no outdoor photos! I just couldn’t bring myself to take my camera with me on the long, wet, muddy walks. Where is the sun? Where?




97 – Poor fluffy pup fell asleep in my crochet, I think I bored her…

98 – Painting needs concentration!

99 – Monkey playdoh while listening to the rain.

100 – Bear loves baking, baking is fun – he learned to crack open the eggs by himself this week!

101 – My boys being sweet.

102 – Visiting my adorable little nephew who loves his Aunty Lolo!

103 – The Man did some baking, dare I eat it?

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My 12th week in photos


77 – Who said dogs can’t do sarcasm?

78 – Creepy tree spotted on our daily walks.

79 – Unedited view from the top of the hill, it started pouring down on the walk back home ha!

80 – An addition to last weeks crochet circles – any easier to guess what they’ll be?

81 – Lizards like cuddles too!

82 – Making the most out of the pathetic dusting of snow. Yes Bear is scooting down on his bum.

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My 9th week in photos



56 – The doggy snuggling in a dragon towel – strange animal…

57 – Gryffin doesn’t half get himself into some odd positions when sleeping!

58 – Mmmmmm, chocolate cupcakes! Not good for my diet but oh so yummy.

59 – Bear watching the birds out in the garden through our window.

60 – St. David’s day!

61 – A quiet walk

62 – A rare photo of the man, he didn’t realise I got him!

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My 6th week in photos



34 – A giant granny square blanket I am making for a friends newborn

35 – Fluffer wrecking my cushion display – mandatory dog photo haha!

36 – How the toybox looks at the end of every day

37 – My gorgeous Gryffin being a cute little imp

38 – Friday night sleepover, my lovely little niece

39 – The best way to wait for breakfast, apparently…

40 – Bathtub Bear complete with lego in hand.

It seems I’ve mostly been enjoying the portraits this week – who could resist these little cuties though? My aim for next week is to get more organised so I can link up on the Saturday. Always behind me!

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