Conversations in the tub

Just a short little something to warm the heart when the nights begin to get really cold. My two boys as usual of a night were splashing each other in the bath tub, bubbles flying, dinosaurs drowning and pirates rushing to save them. Then the chatter turned to something much sweeter. It went as follows –

Bear – ‘Mummy I love you’

Me sat beside the bathtub looking rather soggy and wet – ‘Love you too sweety’

Bear – ‘Mummy, Gryffin is my best friend’

Me – ‘That’s sweet, what do you think Gryffin?’

Gryffin puts down his dinosaur toys and thinks deeply…

‘Samuel is my friend.’

A lovely dramatic pause (he’s all about the drama my dear Gryffin you know)

‘But Bear is my best friend.’ – he even added a head bob here.

Me (smiling slightly) – ‘Why do you think that?’

Gryffin – ‘He is always there, we have adventures together!’


I hope my beautiful boys continue to have a lifetime of adventures together, best friends forever =)