My 27th week in photos

week 27

week 27 pt 2

181 – My first join as you go project!

182 – Sleepy tired puppy

183 – Cheeky little Bear

184 – Gryffin playing peepo in the rocks

185 – Gryffin left this for Bear, Bear’s poor bunny – he never stood a chance!

186 – Beautiful walk in the gorgeous sunshine. You’ve got to love Betws!

187 – Donkey ride at the Summer Gala! Gryffin looks pretty excited don’t you think? He now wants a pet donkey…

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8 thoughts on “My 27th week in photos

    • Betws Y Coed, it’s about 20 mins away from me by car – one of my favourite places to visit all year round. So beautiful! I didn’t realise there were more of them haha, small town girl me – not great with geography!

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