On the farm

This week a good friend of mine invited my boys and I to visit her farm. Like a lot of farms this year my friend was left with a lot of lambs that had to be bottle fed – rubbish weather, not enough grass, no grass = no milk produced by mummy sheep – and she thought my boys would enjoy the experience of feeding them! My boys always love the farm but this time it was extra special, they were so excited to help out.

PickleGryffin was the first to start the feeding. The ewes without milk and their babies are kept in the barn separate from the rest to save confusion at feeding time.


Bear really enjoyed it, luckily his ‘baby’ was one of the oldest and wasn’t too bothered about his manic giggling haha!


After the lambs Bear went to ‘help’ with the cows, lovely Welsh Blacks who I believe are all currently pregnant. I adore cow noses, they are so ridiculously cute! Gryffin was still helping with the lambs – lots of hungry little mouths!

tractorI think it’s every little boys dream to drive a tractor isn’t it? Bear wanted to drive this home! Worry not, the keys weren’t in it so the only thing he could do was switch the lights on and off. Still fun though clearly!

SamMeet Sam – the ex house dog rescue that now lives on the farm. Loves mud, children and his ball!


After being helpful and a lovely dinner it was apparently time to run around the farm like a loon!


carry 2

And this is how you catch hyperactive children and carry them around on the farm ha!



After lots of running around and general silliness, Bear felt ready to embrace spring!


My favourite photo of the day, we all had a fantastic time at the farm and the boys left having made friends and memories for life =)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Easter Trail

On Sunday we headed towards our local National Trust property for the Cadbury Easter egg trail. I’ve been to Bodnant Garden only once before with my boys, it wasn’t too enjoyable an experience since Bear was hardly walking at the time so had to be carried – like many places in North Wales it’s pretty hilly ha!

It was a really fun experience even though Bear didn’t really play along with the hunting for clues and answering the questions – which was really the point in the trail. Fun was had all the same! We spent the entire morning there exploring all the different paths – we did end up leaving the trail completely but in doing so went around the entire property, we headed away from the formal gardens and headed towards the waterfalls and wooded areas. It is absolutely beautiful there, one of my favourite places!

directionsReading the sign at the very start of the trail

done 5Gryffin clearly very excited! Taken minutes before he went skipping off down the path singing…

which way

‘Which way should we go Daddy?’

manorThe old Manor, still on the trail at this point!

off trackHere we left the trail and headed off on an adventure – according to my boys!

water fallOoo water – we stopped and threw some sticks, naturally!

done 19We had to check under this bridge for trolls before the boys would walk across.

done 18I think these are all the same stream just at different points on the footpath. Apart from the ‘Oh how pretty’ my brain wasn’t terribly switched on, more just enjoying the moment!

biggest treeBear found the biggest tree in the whole wide world apparently – he HAD to have a photo! He looks tiny and you can’t even see the top haha!

old mill

We found the old mill that is now home to fish stealing otters and bats! Exciting! Then we headed back up to join the trail as little legs were getting tired.

Follow daddy

Daddy is hunting for questions as well as carrying everything – silly mummy forgot her bag!


The last clue hid from us – it was on the wall at the back somewhere!

rock climbing

Bear ‘rock climbing’ since the tree he tried to climb beat him up – no joke, that is actually what he claimed happened! Must have been an Ent…

done 17

A very tired Bear waiting to collect his prize! Gryffin was far too tired for photos, he just wanted a snuggle.  Off home we headed with chocolate eggs and sleepy boys. Waiting for them there was a special treat I’d made for them – no chocolate from mummy this year!

done 7

Gryffin’s bunny.

done 8

Bear’s bunny.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bodnant Garden, the Easter egg trail and our adventuring. I will definitely be doing the same again next year! Hooray for Easter!

A Bear of a birthday!

Today my very littlest man turned 4.

My baby is no longer so much of a baby.

While I’m proud of him in every way, I also feel rather sad that he’s getting so big.

I cannot for the life of me fathom why some parents wish away these years, if I could I’d keep him this age forever.

I know I shouldn’t feel sad, he had an absolutely fantastic day and rightly so – you can’t redo birthdays can you? They happen only once a year!







DSCF3586.1What should really have been a nice quiet affair with only the family invited – Nainy, Taidy, cousins and Aunties – turned into something more befitting of Bear. Silliness and no volume control reined supreme!

I’m so pleased he enjoyed himself, now I’m off to join my boys in the land of nod. I am shattered! I couldn’t care less that it’s before 9pm haha.

Early birthday treat

Well yesterday was a whole heap of fun mixed with a dash of crazy!

On Tuesday it is Bear’s 4th birthday, for a special treat he decided that he wanted the whole family to come with us to Chester Zoo.

After a lot of discussion the date was arrange for the Friday before his birthday – yesterday. I booked a  minibus – a 12 seater, we really did take the whole family haha – tickets were booked and paid for and we were all very very excited to be going. That was until we woke up to a rather snowy morning.

After my initial panic thinking that we wouldn’t be able to go out in case we got stranded – well Bear has to have got the dramatic nature from somewhere doesn’t he? – I called everyone to make sure they were still good with the plans and wanted to go ahead. My family must all be insane because go we did.

There were a few hairy moments when the snow got a bit much to drive through but the minibus was a beast and my dad is the best driver going – complete love for my dad here. I would have killed everyone.  Well maybe not since I wouldn’t have even tried driving in it but still…

When we finally got to the zoo I was so glad we stuck to our definitely mental guns, the faces of all the littlies was priceless! The zoo is always a treat but to have snow too? I think that was Bear’s idea of perfection!

You may think it would be completely pointless to go to a zoo when most of the animals would be hiding indoors – only a brave handful of them dared the cold – but to give credit where it’s due, Chester Zoo has some fantastic indoor attractions. The littlies were absolute captivated and we spent the entire day there. The hilly paths were cleared of snow at several points throughout the day and the the other footpaths were gritted so there was no worries of the little ones slipping and getting hurt!

Flamingos braving the weather!

At one point during the day we did think we’d have to head home, the snow was coming down really heavily so we’d all agreed to sit and eat our packed lunches – we are all definitely slightly deranged – then head back home. The staff at the zoo were absolutely fantastic, we were able to sit in the main cafe with huge heaters. All wet gloves and hats were dried out, tummies were filled then we headed back out as the snow had stopped – no reason to leave early!

Whenever we got too cold or fed up with Bear and Taidy constantly pelting us with snowballs we headed to a different indoor section.

After one last snow ball fight we walked to the gift shop then back to the minibus. It was a rather quiet trip home, the state of the roads was a little better and all the littlies were wonderfully worn out.

I sat next to my little Bear,  just before falling asleep he told me he’d had a great day and that the Zoo was the ‘bestest’. I’ve got to say I agree with the little fella, despite the weather we had an absolutely fantastic time.


We are incredibly lucky to live where we live – a small village surrounded by farms and mountains as my boys call them. I’ve always loved going for random ‘adventures’ in the big outdoors and have always wanted to share this love with my boys.

After reading a few articles about the lack of outdoor activity and the impact this has on a lot of children I wanted to make sure I made even more of an effort with the terrible twosome. We haven’t been out much over winter, I am guilty of making all sorts of excuses mainly due to my dislike of cold. I hate being cold, my hands and feet have been a funny shade of blue since October – I think I may have some sort of circulation problem ha!

Anyhow, I made  myself a promise that no matter the weather I will get the boys out every single day even if they didn’t want to. This is what we’ve been up to recently!








Looks like they enjoyed themselves doesn’t it? You’d never have guessed that I had to force them out of the house, seems like I need to stop moaning about the weather in front of them haha, a little rain never harmed anyone!

Baking boys!

Today we spent the afternoon baking for Nainy’s birthday tomorrow. The boys were ever so excited, I let them do pretty much everything themselves =)


Serious concentration on Gryffin’s face while in the background Bear is pinching some sugar for his sweet tooth!


Bear’s turn!


Working together =)


Apparently the butter ‘plopping’ was comedy gold!


They were so good at helping each other and sharing!


Om nom nom, chocolatey goodness.


Gryffin getting messy!


Bear being ever so serious.


The finished product! Smelling divine and oozing chocolatey goodness. I can’t wait to take them to my mum tomorrow. A job well done boys =)

My little boy

Today my baby, you’re another year older.

Five years now since I held you that very first time.

I never imagined then how we’d be, how you’d be.

A few months before then I’d never imagined you, I’d never even considered having a child, never imagined myself as a mother, but there you were.

And never have I looked back.

From the moment I knew I was carrying you I loved you.

I loved you more than I’d ever loved anything in my entire life. I didn’t know what true love was until I loved you.

I’ve watched you grow year after year, in body and in mind.

You are a very curious but caring little soul.

You are so gentle, so kind and yet so strong.

You still believe that a cuddle from mummy will right all the wrongs in the world, you still believe in me. You believe in me even when I don’t.

You are my rock.

You are my calm.

You are my everything.

My perfect little man.

Happy 5th birthday, I love you back to the stars!