My 25th and 26th week in photos




Image167 – Lovely peaceful walk.

168 – Bear very kindly left me his friends to keep me company once he’d gone to bed.

169 – Gryffin decided tonight he was going to leave me his friends like Bear did the night before. I’m sure he was trying to be sweet but the cat with the gun looks rather menacing don’t you think?

170 – Trying out a pattern for bunting. I think it’s adorable – the man doesn’t agree…

171 – Loving the sunshine through the leaves, it’s been rather miserable so the sun is a lovely sight. Summer my backside!

172 – Grown in my garden =)

173 – Pretties in the making

174 – First customer piece (not counting my sister). Clashes wonderfully with my carpet haha!

175 – The start of putting it together. Not something to begin at almost midnight. Two leaves down and time for bed.

176 – Tada! I finished it in the morning. Pretty pleased with it.

177 – A lovely little footpath on a lovely sunny day.

178 – A quick make, pretty little flower for a headband.

179 – The blanket is getting bigger!

180 – My favourite view on my favourite walk =)

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