My 24th week in photos




160 – I finally finished the baby blanket I’d been working on.

161 – A lovely little note from Bear! You can’t see it all but it says ‘I love you’

162 – Bear had gone very quiet while I was making dinner, I found him in the living room like this and couldn’t resist tickling him while he was stuck – evil mum mwahahaha!

163 – A really fast crochet project – a ruffly nappy cover.

164 – Gryffin found the blanket. He then decided that his favourite colour is pink. He now wants to keep it…

165 – Shells Bear picked up from a quick visit to the beach, he loves his collections

166 – The Man up a tree supposedly showing the boys how it’s ‘really done’, he’s actually wondering how he’ll get down. Daft sod.


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4 thoughts on “My 24th week in photos

    • Thank you! I’ve had orders on two full sized blankets over the weekend – my hands really will be busy! The Man doesn’t learn, he climbs the trees and can’t get out of them since he isn’t quiet as bendy or light as the boys and ends up falling out of them. Very amusing for me though haha!

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