My 23rd week in photos



153 – This is another not officially taken by myself photo – Bear has developed a serious love for my camera. It means that every time I find him with it I have around 80 randomly blurred or floor shots on it but occasionally I find something adorable like this!

154 – Yay for sunshine, all the flowers are coming out to play!

155 – Bear is a cutey, he loves handing out flowers to all the lovely mummy’s at the school, I sometimes get some – only sometimes!

156 – Lovely fluffy pup is enjoying walks in the sunshine.

157 – I found a bigger gurgling stream on another local walk. I love where I live!

158 – Exploring on the weekend. The boys spent most of the day climbing a number of different trees including this rather dead one, great fun!

159 – A fearless mamma and her twins. Adorable! Even Lola loved them. Probably not in the same way I did though… Bad dog.

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6 thoughts on “My 23rd week in photos

  1. this looks like a lovely outdoorsy week! your pic 158 is my fave! its my first week joining up to the 365 linky, and i could only fit 5 pics in my collage now I just saw yours and thought doh – why did I not do a 3 and a 4… I will know that for next time!

    • I don’t think we’ve spent so much time outdoors before – it’s definitely the weather. The days are getting a little longer, the boys are wanting to do more, it’s brilliant. Loving the summer!
      Took me a while to work out how I was going to post the photos too, I hope you enjoy the linky as much as I do =)

  2. Ha ha! I have the same problem with my things going ‘missing’ or being used by little fingers – mine are the grandsons! They are so cute though, you just have to warn them off gently – like last week when I couldn’t understand why my overlocker wasn’t working properly and found EVERY dial all the way down to zero!!! It took ages to figure the tension out after that episode. We have been having phenomenal weather in North West England haven’t we? I know it can’t last but definitely make the most of it with the family.

    • Ahaha oh my word, little fingers eh? Adorable terrors they are haha! Wouldn’t be without them though. Absolutely loving the weather, pretty sad that it’s looking rather grim this morning. Hopefully the sun will come back!

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