My 21st week in photos

week 21

week 21 pt 2


139 – A little walk to the Quay, my boys love the boats.

140 – Bear loves bubbles – hooray for bubble machines!

141 – It may be strange to take photos of other people’s houses but this is my favourite cottage on my walks down the country lanes. I’d love to live there, miles away from anyone! Gorgeous!

142 – Yay for more water fights, yay for afternoon sunshine! Won’t be long before both of them are in school full time – we have only until September. Make the most of it while we can =)

143 – I’m slightly obsessed with the view from my bedroom window. I think it’s rather lovely.

144 – Although Thursday was my niece’s birthday we were asked if she could have a party at our house. Obviously I said yes so I prepared her cake in advance! Only the night before but for me that’s ahead of the game 😉

145 – The beautiful birthday girl herself enjoying Bear’s bubble machine haha! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


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4 thoughts on “My 21st week in photos

  1. that cake is really good – especially given it was done at such short notice lol
    the view from your window is beautiful when see through those colours and at that time of day. x

    • Thank you! I do love it when it’s sunny but sadly the rain has come back with a vengeance this week. It didn’t stop us from going for a walk along the beach though! We are clearly mad haha!

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