My 19th week in photos

This week I’ve not felt the usual love for 365. I have really, really struggled. It’s probably got a lot to do with the absolutely dreadful weather we’ve had after such a promising start – I was fooled into thinking that the sun was here to stay, my mood has been as bleak as the sky. The sun left me after the glorious bank holiday Monday. I’m feeling cold, very cold. Come back sunshine! Come back happy!

It’s the weather and also the fact my camera is packing in. Bloody thing is on is acting half asleep and out of all of the photos I take, less than half of them I’m able to open. The rest come up as empty files. Wonderful. Very sulky.

week 19

week 19 pt 2


125 – My youngest sister has recently asked me if I’d like to make her some crochet props for her photography. I need no excuse to crochet so here is what I came up with, the finished item. This one is big enough to fit my niece.

126 – This bank holiday was pretty much the only gorgeous day we’ve had this week. It was stunning. We spent the day up on the mountain with Daddy and Taidy!

127 – Lola the fluffbutt’s favourite splashing place.

128 – I’m seriously in a sulk with all the rain but it’s been good for all the plants. Everything is looking wonderfully fresh. The sun still needs to come back though.

129 – While making dinner for myself and Bear he asked me how to spell T-rex, I replied then came into the living room to find this. Sometimes he scares me how clever he is.

130 – My other sister saw the first headband and requested another for my remaining niece. I naturally had to try it on Gryffin first. Poor Gryffin. He looks beautiful though don’t you think?

131 – I happen to think the local cemetery is rather beautiful. Does that make me strange?

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10 thoughts on “My 19th week in photos

  1. Beautiful photos, really gorgeous. I love the bluebell photos and the tree, was that the one in the cemetary?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 (please don’t give up!)

    • Thank you =)
      Yes the tree is in the cemetary, it’s gorgeous in there, such a lovely spot. I’m feeling better about the project this week – my camera seems to have sorted out it’s little problem so everything is a lot easier. The weather hasn’t been so bad either – always helps!

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