My 18th week in photos

week 18

week 18 pt 2118 – It isn’t just the boys that are enjoying the warmer weather! Fluffybum loves the garden.

119 – Nearly bedtime, I don’t think Gryffin could hold on any longer. Bear is clearly just being Bear – colouring in his nails after his bath – naturally!

120 – I am a cruel Mummy, Gryffin is modelling a headband I made for my niece.

121 – I love yellow.

122 – Bear doing what Bear loves best – blowing bubbles! This time they were for a special little girl on her birthday.

123 – My niece Jellybean taking down a viscous T-Rex single handedly!

124 – My youngest sister’s new pup, absolutely adorable.

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6 thoughts on “My 18th week in photos

  1. Awww photo 119 is adorable! I really like their towel buddy thingies! The puppy is very cute and your niece is very brave tacking that TRex lol and blowing bubbles is just such fun x

    • My niece can kick butt haha! I love their towels too – they’re getting a little too big for them now but I can’t bear to throw them especially when Pickle looks so cute snoozing in his, thanks for commenting =) x

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