On the farm

This week a good friend of mine invited my boys and I to visit her farm. Like a lot of farms this year my friend was left with a lot of lambs that had to be bottle fed – rubbish weather, not enough grass, no grass = no milk produced by mummy sheep – and she thought my boys would enjoy the experience of feeding them! My boys always love the farm but this time it was extra special, they were so excited to help out.

PickleGryffin was the first to start the feeding. The ewes without milk and their babies are kept in the barn separate from the rest to save confusion at feeding time.


Bear really enjoyed it, luckily his ‘baby’ was one of the oldest and wasn’t too bothered about his manic giggling haha!


After the lambs Bear went to ‘help’ with the cows, lovely Welsh Blacks who I believe are all currently pregnant. I adore cow noses, they are so ridiculously cute! Gryffin was still helping with the lambs – lots of hungry little mouths!

tractorI think it’s every little boys dream to drive a tractor isn’t it? Bear wanted to drive this home! Worry not, the keys weren’t in it so the only thing he could do was switch the lights on and off. Still fun though clearly!

SamMeet Sam – the ex house dog rescue that now lives on the farm. Loves mud, children and his ball!


After being helpful and a lovely dinner it was apparently time to run around the farm like a loon!


carry 2

And this is how you catch hyperactive children and carry them around on the farm ha!



After lots of running around and general silliness, Bear felt ready to embrace spring!


My favourite photo of the day, we all had a fantastic time at the farm and the boys left having made friends and memories for life =)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


12 thoughts on “On the farm

    • We go up there every holiday, it really is brilliant. I spent most of my childhood – from 11 onwards – on that farm and I’m hoping my boys will have a similar experience. Once they’re a little bigger they’ll be able to help out a lot more, maybe even drive the tractor for real! Haha!

  1. What a fantastic time they had, I see snow but they are running around with just t-shirts on – a familiar site with our children. Any orphan lambs we have on the farm never seem to be short of willing bottle feeders, either our own children or our visitors. Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

    • They started out with coats but quickly got too hot with all the running around – plus they’re slightly mad haha! Lambs are absolutely adorable, always a win with kiddies. Thank you for commenting =)

  2. Gorgeous photos. My son loves the lambs on the farm here, although most are down at his uncles, with the cows at ours. So amazing to see him in short sleeves with snow still on the ground! Strange British weather.

    • Haha strange weather and stranger boys – it was so sunny up there I’m surprised the snow survived! My boys love animals of any kind and it was lovely to watch them. I’d love a little farm of our own – a girl can wish eh?

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