My 13th week in photos


picisto-20130331164017-44398783 – Bear decided that green is the best colour for his skin.

84 – The creation of the Bear when left alone for a while – he was ever so quiet about it too. I think I need to buy shares in Playdoh!

85 – Bear’s birthday! What’s not to love, it’s green and has monkey’s on it!

86 – While this technically isn’t a photo I took myself, I couldn’t leave it out. Bear took this shot of his brother when I asked him to hold me camera on a walk, how cute?

87 – Monkey Bear, an outfit he got for his birthday! He decided to wear it instead of cuddling it =)

88 – Daddy’s creation. I think daddy had more fun than the boys with the Playdoh this time!

89 – Gryffin being a clever so and so, using spoons instead of getting messy hands.

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