We are incredibly lucky to live where we live – a small village surrounded by farms and mountains as my boys call them. I’ve always loved going for random ‘adventures’ in the big outdoors and have always wanted to share this love with my boys.

After reading a few articles about the lack of outdoor activity and the impact this has on a lot of children I wanted to make sure I made even more of an effort with the terrible twosome. We haven’t been out much over winter, I am guilty of making all sorts of excuses mainly due to my dislike of cold. I hate being cold, my hands and feet have been a funny shade of blue since October – I think I may have some sort of circulation problem ha!

Anyhow, I made  myself a promise that no matter the weather I will get the boys out every single day even if they didn’t want to. This is what we’ve been up to recently!








Looks like they enjoyed themselves doesn’t it? You’d never have guessed that I had to force them out of the house, seems like I need to stop moaning about the weather in front of them haha, a little rain never harmed anyone!


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