My 11th week in photos

70 – A lovely sunny, dry, freezing walk to start my week with!

71 – The fluff’s very favourite possession, she even sleeps with it.

72 – Silence in the house then all of a sudden I hear a ‘Mamma, mamma, mamma!’ In runs Bear. ‘Mamma I’ve got the plox!’ Believable, especially when he’s clutching a red felt pen in his hand…

73 – A little play with some lovely 100% pure wool balls. Gorgeous but not what I needed, still it’s pretty don’t you think?

74 – Gryffin has been practising telling the time. He’s getting rather good at it bless his little self, he cannot for the life of him work out number 3’s though. The tricky buggers!

75 – A lovely walk and a splash in the stream with Bear, Ooo Ooo and the fluffy Lola. Fun was had and feet were wet =)

76 – Presents in the making! Can you guess what they’ll be?

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12 thoughts on “My 11th week in photos

  1. Oh no spotty faces!! EEK… I am trying to get on with knitting, I followed a pattern “wrong” last month and made a cardigan or so I thought – incorrectly! BOOHOO! So I have to unpick it and start the sides again. I will get there!! Starting on a patchwork blanket now x

    • I can’t for the life of me work out knitting! I couldn’t even manage a scarf never mind follow a pattern haha! I would love to see the finished items or even in progress – there’s something brilliant about making things don’t you think?
      P.S – red spots are the worst 😉

  2. I’m very intrigued at the crochetted items, what are they for? They’re very pretty nonetheless. I actually thought that was the ‘plox’ then, glad you verified.

    Thanks for linking up!

    • I’m making gifts for my boys, nieces and nephew for Easter rather than give them chocolate – less messy and more chocolate for me whahaha (I kid).
      Bear is a trickster, he could barely keep his face straight this time though =)

    • Thank you. If I hadn’t come across a pattern for it I probably wouldn’t have made anything but I enjoy crochet and the pattern was super cute! The lane is one of my favourite walks and is just up the road from my house – always a plus =) Thanks for commenting x

    • I am yes but not with these circles, although now I do want to make a blanket with them haha. I shall do a post as soon as I’ve completed the first one, all I’ve got at the minute are progress shots without the big ta-da! I’m going to have achy hands for Easter =)

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