My 10th week in photos



63 – After school bubbles in the garden =)

64 – Bath time boys – Gryffin’s seriously cheesy face

65 – Bear made a number 4 out of megablocks while I was busy making dinner!

66 – World book day. My cowboy and my dragon chilling before heading to school.

67 – Lola stole Bear’s monkey! Cheeky doggy!

68 – My handmade gifts for my mother, cookies, hand cut card and a hanging heart decoration.

69 – My gifts off my boys – handmade card, tissue paper flowers and a lovely selection of fresh flowers chosen especially for me. Gryffin also bought me two big bars of chocolate with his pocket money. He’s such a sweet little boy, I can’t believe how lucky I am to be his mummy.

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8 thoughts on “My 10th week in photos

    • That’s the reason I really wanted to join in with this, you forget all the small day to day things that go on during the year but often the small things are the ones that make you smile the most!

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