My obssession

Shortly before Christmas I decided to try my hand at crochet, I’d seen the adverts for the magazine for a while before then and I’d wanted to have a go myself. I decided against buying the magazine – I’m more of a visual learner so reading about it wouldn’t get me anywhere apart from seriously wound up.

I searched my local area for classes, even checking the libraries but couldn’t find anything, so I headed to the next best place – YOUTUBE! I found some brilliant videos for beginners and after I’d mastered how to make a chain stitch the rest was pretty easy.

For Christmas I gifted a few crocheted items to family members. Since then I’ve been crocheting more and more, I’m completely in love with it. I have masses of wool/yarn stashed away and so many projects planned.

Here are some I’ve completed already –

Bear's hat

My very second project ever, this is Bear’s favourite hat. It’s his favourite colour and it keeps his ears toasty warm. It’s obviously missing it’s pompom on the top but it’s all good! I also made one in red for Gryffin but don’t have a photo of that for some reason.

Flower hat

This set was one of the Christmas gifts.

Shell hat

I didn’t like the way this turned out in the end but it’s all learning isn’t it?

Granny squares

These are the first granny squares I ever attempted. I really like the sun shape in the centre.


The small granny square turned into this baby blanket. It clashes wonderfully with my carpet but it wasn’t for me anyhow – I don’t have a pink one yet!

Pink rose

A pretty little rose, these are great for adding onto bags and hats.


2 thoughts on “My obssession

  1. You can also make tassels. Make a chain and make 3 trebles in the 3rd chain from the hook, then put 3 trebles into each chain. As you do this the chain will curl around.
    Do them any length you like, experiment with thinner wools and small hooks or thick wool and big hooks.
    I’ve a picture of one on by blog

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