My 8th week in photos





49 – All that remains of the big boys birthday cake!

50 – Bear being a cutie before school.

51 – Eye eye.

52 – A poorly Gryffin clearly feeling sorry for himself.

53 – I love the wear Bear clutches his Ooo Ooo when he sleeps.

54 – I accidentally cut off the white rabbit’s head, oops!

55 – The boys were amazed that the bubbles didn’t pop when they landed on the grass, I was amused.


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5 thoughts on “My 8th week in photos

  1. I just thought the snuggly clutch was too adorable to not photograph – it’s also terribly amusing that the two of them have monkeys and are both sleeping the same way. So sweet! Be funny if it was the same day too – I didn’t check that! The eye shot is my sister’s fault, she posted hers on facebook haha.
    And thank YOU for making such a great linky, I’m really, really enjoying it now. I see photos everywhere – I’m going to have to buy a smaller camera!

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