My 3rd week in photos – 365


13 – Muddy wet dog after our peaceful Sunday walk

14 – Bear making himself a game

15 – Dinosaurs stormed and destroyed the castle – Gryffin was playing

16 – Like father, like son. Bear wanted to be the same as Daddy, Daddy was working, Bear was too teehee!

17 – Relaxing candle lit bath

18 – My beautiful nephew came for a sleepover and crashed on the sofa like this!

19 – Our snow, the most pathetic covering haha!

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10 thoughts on “My 3rd week in photos – 365

  1. Yup my nephew is fast asleep, he has to pull the blankets over his head and has done since he was old enough to move them haha. Daddy got up shortly after and went into his office as Bear kept ‘helping’ him with the buttons, not great when you’re working on coding! It was adorable while it lasted though =)

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