My 2nd week in photos – 365

week 2

week 2 pt 26 – My current favourite hobby, crocheting!

7 – Lola the parrot dog destroying my sofa. If you sit down she’ll move onto your shoulders. She is not normal.

8 – Jigsaw puzzles after school

9 – A handcut paper silhouette of the little people for my mother – handmade gifts are good right?

10 – The giver of light and peaceful nights sleep

11 – Bear is dramatic even when sleeping…

12 – Frost on my blackberry bush – where’s this snow then?

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11 thoughts on “My 2nd week in photos – 365

    • Thank you! That bedding is Bear’s favourite, it’s not only green which is his favourite colour but it has monkeys on it which are his favourite animal, the best cover ever haha!
      It’s almost time for week 3, I’m really enjoying this =)

  1. A great collection of photos. I’m impressed by the crafting – both the crochet and the silhouettes. Your dog looks so sweet. We used to have one that thought it was a parrot too!

  2. Aww thank you, yes the doggy is a huge sweety, she’s as much a baby of mine as my boys are! Haha I’m not sure my other half wouldn’t agree with the crafting, he thinks my bits and bobs are taking over – I just like making things!

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