My 1st week in photos – 365

week 1

week 1 pt 2

1. – The birthday boy himself, my beautiful little nephew.

2. – Gryffin and Bear love helping me bake

3. – There is clearly nothing more exciting than playing with playdoh!

4. – A sleepy, lazy Lola.

5. – Gryffin drawing and practising his writing

So there we go! I’m going to post a collage like this each week.

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18 thoughts on “My 1st week in photos – 365

  1. If I don’t let them lick the bowl and beaters at the end they shove their fingers in the mix while I’m actually mixing it the crazy little people! And thank you, I’m pretty sure Lola knows she’s cute haha, she gets away with everything the cheeky little fluffer!

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