Earlier I made the normal, everyday trip to my boys’ school to pick up Noo Bear from nursery. This is possibly the best part of my day, I get squeals of excitement from my youngest, as if he hasn’t seen me for a week and that me standing there is a complete surprise rather than an everyday occurrence!

After the usual cuddles the nursery teacher asked if she could have a quick chat with me, she is rather concerned about Bear’s speech…

This has been a rather touchy subject for me over the past year. I had been worried about this for a fair while and had approached Bear’s health visitor, his doctor and the head of nursery at his previous school – we moved to a different area and school a few weeks before the summer holidays – and was repeatedly told that there was nothing to worry about, that Bear’s speech would sort itself out as he got older. I wasn’t too convinced about this so every few weeks I would bring it to their attention again, I was always greeted with the same response.

Shortly after we moved we were visited by a lovely lady from a scheme that had been following Noo Bear’s progress from birth, every so often she’d come by and assess his development. This time she had a set of tests for him, throughout these tests Noo Bear excelled, she was amazed at how advanced he was for his age but did make a note that he was struggling with his speech a little. Again I went back to his doctor, told them that I wanted something doing about it and that I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, I was told that because we had moved we were no longer in the catchment area. Noo Bear would need to be registered at a closer surgery, to get a new health visitor and that I would need to tell them about my concerns over his speech.

So now I am still waiting for him to be assigned a health visitor, to get on a waiting list to have an appointment made for Noo Bear to visit a speech therapist. The whole thing is an absolute joke, it’s taken a year for someone else to acknowledge that my son needs help. I am however really grateful that the new school is actually paying attention and trying to help their students. Hopefully with the help from the school we will now get somewhere!


4 thoughts on “Therapy?

  1. What a nightmare! I often wonder why some health professionals are able to practice! Clearly they are idiots and have forgotten that Mummy always knows best! I’m pleased Noo’s teacher is on the ball perhaps your new Dr and health visitor will be too…good luck and keep us updated x

    • His teacher is absolutely wonderful, even Noo think so himself – he comes home smiling and telling me her loves her, very sweet! She had some fabulous news for me today, even without a Dr’s referral or a health visitor he has been referred to a speech therapist, we are now waiting for his appointment! Such a strange thing to be so happy about but I’m so pleased for my little guy x

      • That is great news! To think though he could have been getting the help and support he needed with his speech long before now if your DR had just listened. Really pleased he has such a great teacher and Noo thinks so too…that is half the battle with learning…enjoying it x

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